Risk Register Template

Why use our Risk Register Template?

If you manage projects, then you manage risks. The success of any project is threatened by yet unknown risks. Our Risk Register Template will help you to track and manage project risks.

Risk Register Template
Risk Register Template 2

Similar to most Risk Register Templates, our template is Excel based and will allow you to track each risk that threatens your project. With each risk, youll track the date identified and a brief description of the risk. Based on the risk probability and impact, our template will assign each risk an exposure level and can sort risks by exposure. You can then prioritize and apply more attention to the greater risks.

Tracking project risks is only half the problem. Once a risk is identified, youll need to create a mitigation plan. Our Risk Register Template allows you to record and track a plan to mitigate each risk, and to assign someone to the risk mitigation plan.

In addition to standard features found in most risk plans, our Risk Register Template contains a analysis page which summarizes your projects risk exposure in a graphical presentation.

Features of our Risk Register Template:

  • Excel based workbook for tracking and measuring risk
  • Build in formulation for calculating exposure based on risk probability and impact
  • Color icon indicators of high priority risks
  • Includes mitigation planning for each risk
  • Graphs to present over-all project risk exposure to management
  • Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 compatible

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