Project Budget Template

Project Budget Template

Why use our Project Budget Template?

Tracking the budget, expenditures, and burn rate of a moderately complex project can be tedious work. Dont waste your time formatting and fighting Excel. Our Project Budget Template should be all you need to track your projects budget and spend.

The Project Budget Template contains an itemized budget for your project, tracking each line item by cost type (a list you can customize) and providing cost breakdown charts. It also allows you to track actual expenditures and compares budget to actual. If you choose, you can forecast the spend for your project across time and the template will graph your budgeted and actual spend for the life of the project.

All of the budget date in the Project Budget Template is summarized into a single report which includes pie-charts and graphs to communicate the true story behind your project budget.

Features of our Project Budget Template:

  • Advanced features of Office Excel 2010 while remaining backward compatible
  • Quick drop-down selection boxes for ease of use and data consistency
  • Budget vs. actual comparisons
  • Project costs summarized by cost type
  • Forecast budget and track actual spend across time
  • Chart project budget and spend across time
  • Summary page, including charts and graphs

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