Procurement Plan

Procurement Plan
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Why use our Procurement Plan template?

Projects often require the purchase of resources and/or services. Procurement can be a complicated process, involving multiple departments and companies, product comparisons, buy vs. build decisions, vendor selection, contract negotiations, and many other factors. To ensure your project procurement goes smoothly, we recommend creating a written Procurement Plan.

To make procurement planning easier, we have included a Procurement Plan template within the PM Toolkit. This Word document is laid-out and organized as an easy to complete form which walks you through the critical components of project procurement planning. Each section of the form includes a brief description of what information should be provided.

Features of our Procurement Plan:

  • Organized using a easy to complete form-like format
  • Well laid-out and formatted, professional looking form
  • Sections for decision criteria, contract type, vendor management, and more
  • Signature/approval section for formal executive sign-off
  • Use of Word 2010 fields for easy completion
  • Word 2010 themes and styles to quickly change branding
  • Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 compatible versions

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