PowerPoint Template

How often do you present project status to your team and project sponsors?

Using this PowerPoint template, your presentations will be consistent in appearance and professionalism with your other project documents.

We created a customer PowerPoint template, with cover, fonts, styles, and layouts to match the other project documents you will be using. The template includes multiple cover pages and themes, to keep your presentations fresh and on message. Simply create a new presentation from this template, select the cover, and begin adding slides to your deck. For each slide, you have over a dozen different page layouts to work with – headings, lists, captions, pictures, etc.

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With this template even the novice Microsoft PowerPoint user can produce a high-quality, great looking, and professional presentations. Each of our business templates is professionally formatted with attractive covers, headers, footers, titles, sections, lists, tables, charts, and more.

Features of our Microsoft PowerPoint Template:

  • Multiple great looking cover pages
  • Over a dozen page layouts and formats
  • Match other project template styles and fonts

For your convenience, we packaged our most effective and relevant project management templates, including the PowerPoint Template, into a single PM Toolkit. Similar bundles of project management templates cost over $300. Thanks to our day-jobs and limited marketing budget, we are able to offer the entire PM Toolkit (40+ project management templates) for $49.95.

Feel confident purchasing the PM Toolkit knowing your online transaction is secure and the PM Toolkit comes with the best guarantee in our market. If you are not 100% satisfied we will provide a full refund.