Meeting Minutes Template

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Meeting minutes may sound trivial and are often ignored. Dont fall into this trap. Sending detailed, professional looking meeting minutes the day after a client meeting speaks volumes about your level of organization and commitment to success. Meeting minutes will prevent your team from repeating conversations and will help hold team members accountable for assignments.


Meeting Minutes Template




Our Meeting Minute Template is well planned and looks very professional. We provide the standard fields you would expect from a meeting minute template, and lay-out the form in an easy to use, easy to read, professional looking format.

Unlike other forms, our Meeting Minute Template is designed to capture the topics discussed and the conclusion of each discussion (most minutes record only topics discussed, with no conclusions). The form also provides a table for quickly recording and numbering action items, along with the assignee and due date. The goal of this template is to promote team communication and accountability.

Features of our Meeting Minute Template:

  • Built-in fields for quickly entering standard information
  • Standard fields including project, date, attendees, facilitator, and more
  • Capture each topic of discussion, along with the conclusion of each topic
  • Numbered table for recording and assigning action items
  • Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 compatible

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